What Could the “Workflex in the 21st Century Act” Mean for You?

January 19th, 2018
What Could the “Workflex in the 21st Century Act” Mean for You?

There’s a new bill in town, and it’s called the https://walters.house.gov/sites/walters.house.gov/files/17-11-02-BILL.pdfWorkflex in the 21st Century Act. The Society for Human Resources Management heralds the bill as one that uniquely combines increased flexibility related to work arrangements with guaranteed paid leave. These are early days, and for now, this is just a bill – but a bill at which it’s worth taking a closer look.

Workflex in the 21st Century Act

This legislation proposes that employers voluntarily offer their employees (both full and part-time) a guaranteed minimum amount of paid leave, to be determined by the employee’s tenure and the size of the employer’s business. Participating employers would also need to offer their employees at least one option that addresses work-arrangement flexibility (workflex).

Bill Specifics

The fledgling bill sports some interesting details:

  • The legislation would provide employers the flexibility and predictability to design offerings that work for them.
  • Paid leave would extend beyond just fulltime employees to include those who work part time. Employees could either accrue leave over a plan year or be allotted a lump sum at the plan year’s start. New employees would face leave restrictions for the first 90 days on the job.
  • Employers would foot the bill for all the expenses associated with the proffered paid leave.
  • The leave requirements would be apportioned according to the size of the business’s workforce and to every specific employee’s tenure, which would allow employers to create leave plans the suit their own and their employees’ specific needs.
  • Part-time employees would be allotted paid leave proportionate to the number of hours they put in.
  • Eligibility requirements for a workflex arrangement would include being employed at the business for at least 12 months and having worked at least 1,000 hours in the prior 12 months.

There are additional proposed details that address how the bill would supersede prior state legislation and exactly what types of flextime would be required. All told, the bill makes some interesting points and is a bold move toward fostering a more robust work-life balance.

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