Protect Your Mental Health Professional License by Going Over These 2 Things with Your Attorney

June 19th, 2019
Protect Your Mental Health Professional License by Going Over These 2 Things with Your Attorney

When a mental health professional’s license is under threat, everything within their power should be done to protect it. Mental health professionals work hard to earn their licenses so they can serve the public and do what they love. Eventually, though, almost every mental health practitioner runs into a legal dispute that could affect their ability to practice. Therefore, a good NJ mental health professional license attorney can help practitioners know what steps to take to prevent legal threats. Additionally, they work with them on a regular basis to examine their practices and advise them on any legal issues that arise. Let’s examine two basic things a NJ mental health practitioner can help with.

  1. Medical Board Issues

State medical boards regulate the ability of mental health professionals to practice. They issue licenses and renew them. Additionally, if mental health professionals run afoul of practice requirements or guidelines, they risk having their license revoked. License revocations from the medical board can arise over many issues, like poor documentation practices, exposing confidential information, or false advertising. Therefore, finding NJ mental health professional license attorneys who know how the board process works and how to overcome challenges to your license is critical.

2. Handling Complaints and Legal Requests

NJ mental health professional license attorneys can consult with clients when they receive subpoenas. Court cases involving patients often come from attorneys. Therefore, because of the perceived pressure from legal authorities, many mental health professionals readily comply with subpoenas. However, this can be a serious mistake that impacts their license. Additionally, providing information to lawyers without client consent can be a violation of their right to privacy. Therefore, lawyers should be involved with any subpoena so mental health professionals know how to best respond to requests. If you receive a letter of investigation or a subpoena, contact a lawyer to discuss how to proceed.

Bowne-Barry & Barry is a leading NJ mental health professional license attorney firm. We work with a variety of clients to ensure their business is running properly, so they comply with state and federal regulations. If you are concerned about any legal issues, contact our team today to see how we can help. Finding the right attorney before problems arise is always the best course of action. We frequently partner with businesses to review their workflow and practice standard operating procedures. This way, mental health professionals have peace of mind knowing they’ve taken care of everything and clears them to follow their passion.