Litigation Services

Civil and Criminal Litigation Services

NJ Litigation ServicesWith decades of experience as a civil and criminal litigation attorney, combined with his background as a licensed social worker, Attorney David C. Barry is uniquely well equipped to advise and represent mental health professionals (and their clients) in a wide variety of matters, including:

Criminal charges: Even relatively minor criminal charges (e.g., drug possession, shoplifting, etc.) and certain non-criminal offenses (DWI) can potentially have a significant impact on your professional license. Mr. Barry will aggressively defend you (or your clients) against these charges while seeking to eliminate or minimize any potential impact on your professional license.

Subpoenas: Every mental health professional should have a trusted legal advisor in place to turn to when the inevitable subpoenas (either for documents or testimony) arrive. Mr. Barry is available to review and respond to subpoenas on your behalf.

Depositions: There is a good chance that at some point in your career, you will be called upon to provide testimony at a deposition. Mr. Barry can help you respond to a deposition notice, help you prepare for depositions and defend you during the deposition itself.

Private Counsel: In litigated matters, insurance companies will sometimes agree to provide counsel to defend you against some charges, but not others. Mr. Barry is available to defend and represent you against the charges that the insurance company does not.

Settlement Counsel: Mr. Barry has assisted mental health professionals resolve scores of business and other disputes without the expense, uncertainty and adverse publicity of litigation.

Mr. Barry offers free, no-obligation initial consultations. He can be reached at 732 238-8686 or via email at [email protected].