Professional License Defense

Professional License Defense

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, psychologist, social worker, marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor or another professional licensed by the State of New Jersey, your license is the source of your livelihood and professional identity.

Professional License Defense and Investigations

On any given day your license can be placed at risk by an unhappy client, a disgruntled former employee, a professional competitor or others. All it takes is their letter or phone call to the appropriate licensing board within the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs or your professional credentialing organization.

Typically, you will receive a letter or phone call advising you of the complaint or investigation and asking for your response. How you respond to that call or letter can make a substantial difference in the outcome of the matter.

Having an experienced professional licensing board attorney to turn to for advice, guidance and action can save your career.

David C. Barry, Esq. has substantial experience in aggressively, intelligently and cost-effectively defending licensed professionals before their respective State licensing boards and credentialing organizations.

Many of the cases in which Mr. Barry has become involved have resulted in no action being taken against his client.

His services span the entire range of the investigative and disciplinary process, including:

  • Reviewing the complaint against you and providing an appropriate, detailed response;
  • Representing and defending you during investigations, appearances, and hearings;
  • Appeals of licensing board decisions;
  • Consulting with you regarding compliance obligations and reinstatement;
  • Brief writing and oral arguments.

Mr. Barry offers free initial consultations. He may be reached at 732 238-8686 or by email at [email protected].