New Jersey Law Firm: Locality Matters

June 5th, 2019
New Jersey Law Firm: Locality Matters

Bowne-Barry & Barry New Jersey Law Firm: Locality Matters (=new jersey law firm)

Being involved in a legal matter is something many people can relate to. However, mental health practitioners face higher levels of legal liability due to being self-employed. They often have something come up at their practice that pushes them to start searching for a lawyer. Facing legal issues, they fire up the computer, plug some terms into Google, and start clicking through links to find someone to talk to. However, they don’t know where the attorney is based, if they are a New Jersey law firm, or if they are familiar with New Jersey statutes and regulations. Whether it’s a malpractice claim or some other legal issue, finding the right attorney is crucial to getting good counsel and representation. Because of this, no one should take a haphazard approach to searching for a lawyer with so much at stake. Finding a New Jersey law firm that is local and knows how to navigate the state’s system is vital.

Why Local New Jersey Lawyers Make a Difference

Mental health professionals sometimes face legal challenges that require legal representation. Common legal issues include problematic clients, confidentiality concerns, subpoenas, ethical issues, practice development and maintaining professional boundaries with clients.  Whoever represents them will need to be licensed in the state. Their attorney also needs to be familiar with the state’s laws and regulations in order to provide the best defense.

A Lot Is at Stake with Litigation and Ethical Complaints

The threat of an ethical complaint or litigation can be very damaging to your reputation and career. A complaint or a case could cost you money and the ability to practice. As a result, you shouldn’t take a chance on an out-of-state lawyer unnecessarily. When it comes to legal practice, locality and experience matters. Mental health practitioners in New Jersey should secure the services of a New Jersey law firm that can best handle their case.

The attorneys at Bowne-Barry & Barry have experience helping mental health practitioners with legal advice in New Jersey. We’ve practiced locally for years and know how to manage cases in an effective manner. Because of our experience, our clients will happily tell you that our representation helped them understand the process. Mental health providers can continue practicing without the stress of having to deal with legal matters. Contact our firm today to speak with our team about legal counsel.