When Mental Health Professionals Should Seek Mediation in Business Disputes

August 24th, 2019
When Mental Health Professionals Should Seek Mediation in Business Disputes

Mediation is an informal dispute arrangement where an experienced mediator bridges gaps between two parties. It’s a process to avoid costly and lengthy court proceedings. The hope for anyone going through mediation is that the mediator will hear both sides and be able to provide a fair resolution each side can agree to. Mediation is a particularly attractive option for mental health professionals because it allows them to avoid litigation and focus on their practice. It also protects their business from public scrutiny and avoid risk to any certification status. When dealing with mental health attorneys, New Jersey firms often recommend mediation to clients.

How Mediation Typically Works

Here’s a general rundown of what to expect in mediation. At the beginning of the mediation, the mediator welcomes both parties into the meeting and outlines what will happen. Then he or she will outline what their role in the business dispute is. Lawyers may or may not be present during mediation. It’s recommended, though, that attorneys attend mediation in business disputes to effectively protect client interests. The mediator will hear statements from both parties explaining their grievance, what occurred, and what outcome they expect or hope for. In addition, they will ask clarifying questions. The two parties in the dispute do not typically address each other directly.

After hearing the statements, the mediator could ask to meet with each side separately to propose solutions. It’s a process of negotiation to see what each party’s priorities are and how to meet them. Then, after the mediator feels like they have a solution that may satisfy each party, they will present the terms to the group for agreement.

Mediation for Mental Health Professionals

For mental health attorneys, New Jersey has several options. Mental health professionals should choose a firm that is accustomed to dealing with mediation. Mediation serves a valuable purpose in the mental health profession because it allows both parties to avoid the public court process and resolve disputes in a discreet manner. It also helps protect client information from any litigation. As a result, the right mental health attorneys in New Jersey will help you prepare for mediation and make sure your needs are heard. They’ll also help best position you for a successful outcome.

Mental Health Attorneys New Jersey Offers

For the best mental health attorneys, New Jersey offers Bowne-Barry & Barry, who have extensive experience dealing with mediation. Mental health professionals are in a unique position where business disputes often involve sensitive personal information and the need to protect the right to practice. For more information on how we can help you in a business dispute mediation process, call us today.