Some Marijuana Convictions Can Now Be Cleared From Criminal Records

January 14th, 2020
Some Marijuana Convictions Can Now Be Cleared From Criminal Records

Some marijuana-related charges may be eligible for removal from criminal records in New Jersey. According to a new bill the Governor recently signed, New Jersey may become the next state to work towards decriminalizing marijuana possession in small amounts. Because of this new development, New Jersey law firms can help provide resources and next steps for those wanting to take advantage of the proposed new law.

Revoking Past Marijuana-Related Charges

The new measure, officially titled Assembly Bill 5981, enables an automatic erase for most non-violent crimes. This measure also includes many marijuana-related offenses. As a result, some cannabis-related possession offenses from the past decade will be wiped from criminal records. Cannabis charges from more than 10 years ago will be sealed and made inaccessible to the public. Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill. According to Murphy, “We are giving New Jersey one of the most progressive expungement laws in the nation, allowing more people to fully participate in our society and our economy.”

What Does the New Bill Mean?

Previously, marijuana possession charges could result in a fine and jail sentence. In addition, possession of even a few ounces of marijuana could have ended up with a misdemeanor charge. While misdemeanor charges are less detrimental than degree felonies, they can still cause issues. Under the new law, the severity of the charge is still based on the amount of marijuana in possession. The big change is that if you have less than five pounds of marijuana, your possession will not be considered a criminal offense. As a result, if you were charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana in the past 10 years, this offense will be erased from your record.

Legal Advice for Marijuana-Related Charges

Contact a lawyer if you’re facing a marijuana-related charge. Attorneys can have the fine lowered, the jail sentence reduced, or have the conviction overturned. With this new bill in New Jersey, you may be eligible to have your previous marijuana convictions removed from your record. Because of this, enlisting the help of a local New Jersey law firm can help get you up to speed to ensure your charges are erased.

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