The Real Cost of Lawsuits on Licensed Social Workers

September 4th, 2019
The Real Cost of Lawsuits on Licensed Social Workers

Licensed social workers facing lawsuits know the challenge of operating a practice while fighting through the legal process. The situation places a lot of stress on their ability to work, as well as take care of employees and patients. Lawsuits can happen for any number of reasons. In addition, clients involved in lawsuits themselves could, as part of the legal battle, draw licensed social workers into the fray because they want privileged information. Additionally, dissatisfied clients can sometimes use lawsuits to discredit or attack social workers. When licensed social workers are on the receiving end of a lawsuit, a lot is at stake. Because of this, a good firm of attorneys in New Jersey will tell you that quality legal representation is key to protecting your practice.

Cost of Legal Representation

Good lawyers make a difference, but they cost money. One of the largest costs involved in a lawsuit against licensed social workers is the money needed to retain a good attorney in New Jersey. Expert attorneys know how to prepare effective defenses, and they can punch holes in the plaintiff’s case. Licensed social workers operating a non-profit, or a small practice, can struggle to meet the cost of hiring expert legal help.

Reputational Cost

Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t matter if a licensed social worker wins his or her case. Simply having the stain of a lawsuit attached to a name or practice is enough to do serious damage. Reputational damage is often more severe than any monetary damages. It can drive away clients and partners. Licensed social workers spend so much time explaining what happened that they’re prevented from doing what they love. A law attorney in New Jersey can help explain reputation management for people involved in lawsuits.

The Opportunity Cost of Dealing with Lawsuits With Attorneys In New Jersey

As previously mentioned, handling lawsuits can be very time-consuming. It involves preparation for dealing with deposition or testimony, gathering documents, and court processes. All of these take away from licensed social workers’ ability to care for patients. Depending on the severity of the case, it can really damage a practice because other clients suffer. This often means lost money for a practice that’s used to paying social workers and other employees.

Licensed Social Workers Can Contact Attorneys in New Jersey

Bowne-Barry & Barry is the premier firm of attorneys in New Jersey that deals with licensed social work lawsuits. Our team of lawyers knows the legal risks involved in running a social work practice and works with clients to fight the risks of lawsuits against them. Contact us today to hear how we can help protect your ability to practice.