Legal Risks Nurses Face on a Regular Basis

July 3rd, 2019
Legal Risks Nurses Face on a Regular Basis

Many people get into nursing with the best of intentions. They want to help others by providing quality medical care. Additionally, nurses put in long hours working hard to treat others. Legal risks are an unfortunate reality of the work they do. However, at some point in most nurses’ careers, they’ll be faced with legal concerns that add another layer of complexity to the job. For a nursing license attorney, New Jersey firms can offer education to help nurses avoid common legal pitfalls. Additionally, they can also take on the burden of dealing with legal administrative work. Therefore, finding the right attorney can help nurses focus on the careers they love and doing the work that’s so important to them. Here are some common legal risks nurses face and how a nursing license attorney in New Jersey can help.

  1. Improper Documentation

Keeping thorough files can be a pain, especially when you’re slammed and working a long shift. However, proper documentation protects nurses from legal issues that could arise down the road. It’s almost impossible to recall a chain of events months after it’s happened. Therefore, nurses need to get in the practice of recording findings, any issues that arise, assessments, and plans. The right nursing license attorney in a New Jersey practice can help nurses learn how to keep good records to avoid erroneous legal claims.

2. Medication Errors

This is more common than most will believe. When the wrong medication gets prescribed or is given to a patient, it can have devastating effects. Even if done by mistake, it opens up whoever handled the drugs to a great deal of legal liability. Therefore, having a good defense attorney in place who knows how to handle such cases is vital. When looking for a nursing license attorney, New Jersey nurses should look for firms that have experience with similar cases and have good referrals.

3. Billing Questions

Medical billing and insurance costs are under intense scrutiny lately. Additionally, people are concerned over how much medical procedures, prescriptions, and equipment cost. Nurses need to be aware of proper coding and billing to make sure charges are correct and funneled to the right place. Mislabeling or misbilling something can trigger legal concerns.

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