Estate Planning – Important Documents to Have Handy

September 13th, 2017
Estate Planning – Important Documents to Have Handy

As you age, you want to make sure that your estate and finances are well organized and accessible for your family and loved ones. The process can be daunting, but there are things that you can do to get your important documentation organized and to aid your estate planning. Bringing this

documentation together in one secure but accessible spot can help you and your family feel better prepared in case a crisis should arise.

Important Documentation 

Compiling and organizing your important documentation, including medical, personal and financial, in an easily accessible spot will allow you to better manage your estate planning, which is an essential piece of planning for your family’s future. There are several documents that you should gather, organize, and make readily available:

  • Your birth certificate;
  • Any marriage certificates and/or divorce decrees;
  • Your spouse’s death certificate (as applicable);
  • Any military records;
  • Your Social Security Card;
  • Your health insurance information;
  • Your life insurance information;
  • Your safe deposit box locations and keys (as applicable);
  • Your doctors’ names, phone numbers, and addresses;
  • Your mortgage documents;
  • Your investment account information;
  • Your retirement or IRA information;
  • Your car titles, car insurance, and car loan information;
  • Your miscellaneous loan information; and
  • Your contact information for family and friends.


Housekeeping is an important aspect of estate planning. As you gather the necessary documentation, take the time to review your files on a regular basis and to ensure that the documents are up to date. Finally, once you’ve gotten your important documentation together and organized, inform those family members who will oversee your estate of their whereabouts. Make sure that you keep your important documentation in a secure location that is also easily accessible.

Keeping it Simple

Estate planning can be very complicated, but by keeping your important documentation together, you’ll help to simplify the matter. In fact, your estate planning revolves around these documents. An experienced estate planning lawyer will help guide you through the process and help you to make sense of your estate.

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