Considerations for Hiring Seasonal Employees

May 16th, 2017
Considerations for Hiring Seasonal Employees

As a New Jersey small business owner, you’re obliged to cover your employees with worker’s compensation – in case they are injured on the job. In New Jersey, however, an individual employee’s status can play an important role in their worker’s compensation rights. In fact, seasonal employees – including summertime beach workers, holiday-based employees, and temporary substitute teachers – are not always entitled to the same rights as regular employees.

How Does That Work?

Seasonal employees are not always entitled to the same unemployment benefits that your regular employees are entitled to. Nevertheless, seasonal employees – if injured on the job –  usually qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. The way it works is that injured seasonal-employees are generally eligible to collect on worker’s compensation benefits throughout the period in which they would have been seasonally employed with you (so long as the seasonal employees can prove that they would have been earning a wage elsewhere if they hadn’t been working for you as a seasonal employee).


If you employ seasonal workers, your responsibility toward them is probably limited, but they are most likely entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. As an employer, it’s in your best interest to understand and to provide the employee-benefits for which you are legally responsible. Seasonal employees garner fewer rights, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not obliged to cover them if they’re injured on the job. In fact, it behooves you to know what your responsibilities are. An experienced small business attorney can guide you not only toward protecting your own rights but also toward protecting the rights of your seasonal employees.

If you own a small business that employs seasonal workers, don’t leave your livelihood to chance. Instead, retain a business lawyer with knowledge of small-business ownership. Protect your employees while you also protect your business.

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If your small business employs seasonal workers in New Jersey, you may be subject to lesser responsibilities for those workers; there are, however, limitations to those lesser responsibilities. For most practical purposes, your small business is obligated to provide worker’s compensation insurance to your seasonal employees. Protect your small business from legal misinformation by contacting a legal firm with experience in small-business law. Such a firm can explain your rights and responsibilities as an employer of seasonal workers.  Bowne Barry & Barry Attorneys at Law have the experience and skill to help your small business help itself. For guidance regarding your small business, please contact or call the law office of Bowne Barry & Barry at 732 238-8686 today.