Clearing Up Contract Confusion

October 26th, 2017
Clearing Up Contract Confusion

Contracts instill trepidation in the hearts of many. They are notorious for being confusing, poorly or oddly worded, and seemingly unknowable. Never fear! Experienced legal counsel can clarify a contract’s terms and conditions, point out ambiguities and issues, and effectively guide you through the process of accepting, declining, or addressing a contract. Contracts are confusing; don’t sign until you’re sure.

Contract Review

Most people are leery of signing business contracts, and most imagine that such contracts are lengthy tomes that must be waded through with a fine-tooth comb. This is rarely the case; most business contracts are about six pages long. Although typical legalize can be distracting and confusing, your experienced business attorney will make sure that you understand the contract’s significant terms and how they apply to you and your interests.

What Your Attorney Is Looking For

Your business attorney will look at your contract with a critical eye and will pinpoint the contract’s designated obligations, means of conflict resolution, and essential terms. If you are inexperienced with contracts, you probably don’t even know what to look for; a skilled contract lawyer does. Your business attorney will also identify any weaknesses in the contract and will suggest rectifying tweaks or major changes as necessary. It’s always best to hold off on signing a contract until AFTER your legal counsel has taken a close look. If you still have questions after you’ve received guidance, your business attorney will go over them with you and make sure that you’re clear on the contract’s important terms and elements.

Terms to Be Resolved

If there are terms that need to be resolved in your contract, your business attorney will discuss them with the contracting party on your behalf. Contracts are no time to wing it; allow your contract lawyer to skillfully negotiate the important details.

Contracts are complicated, but they are also important – they protect both parties involved. You don’t have to become an overnight contract expert before signing your important business contract; allow your experienced business attorney to show you the way.

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Contracts often seem purposely obtuse; however, you don’t have to master their legal nuance on your own. A skilled business attorney will help you move forward with confidence. If you have contract questions,  Bowne Barry & Barry Attorneys at Law has answers. Our business law attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and skill to help you master your contract conundrum. For skilled contract guidance, please contact or call the law office of Bowne Barry & Barry at 732 238-8686 today.