An Introduction to Professional Defense Ethics

April 7th, 2020
An Introduction to Professional Defense Ethics

At Bowne Barry & Barry, we work with a lot of health professionals to provide them with professional defense ethics in New Jersey. Health care professionals are under oath to keep patient information confidential. With elements such as social media, sometimes those professional defense ethics can be blurred. At Bowne Barry & Barry we work with social workers, marriage counselors, family therapists, psychologists, and more through advising and defending this idea of professional ethics. Read on for more information about professional ethics and situations where an attorney can help.

Professional Ethics Defense

Patient confidentiality is extremely important in the medical field. As a mental healthcare professional, it is crucial that you never compromise the identify of your patients. In addition, ensure anything they say stays within the office. With the prevalence of the internet and social media, sometimes healthcare professionals accidentally break the oath of client confidentiality without even knowing it. First, practitioners should not be writing about their patients on social media. However, even if names are not used, it can be easy to guess who the person is in some cases. Practitioners should also never “friend” their patients on social media. In addition, healthcare professionals should never Google their patient’s name to see what comes up. Lastly, corresponding over text and email is not necessarily the most secure form of communication. Practitioners need to be careful when communicating via these avenues and be sure to document everything that is said.

Attorney Help

Despite the fact that many healthcare professionals are extremely careful when it comes to ethics, there are occasional slip-ups. If you have a complaint filed due to an incident on social media, a Google search, or a form of email or text communication, it is time to call an attorney. At Bowne Barry & Barry, we work hard to create a defense for our clients when they are charged with breaking the code of ethics surrounding their work. We will analyze the details of your case and come up with a defense that hopefully will lead to charges getting dropped. We are very experienced in dealing with ethical healthcare standards and have advised and defended numerous clients.

Bowne Barry & Barry provide professional defense ethics in New Jersey. We help defend healthcare professionals in cases related to professional ethics, license defense, and more. If you are in a situation where you need legal advice due to a professional or ethical complaint, contact us today.