Insurance and Ethical Complaints

March 20th, 2019
New Jersey law firm

It’s important for everyone to know that insurance companies are not equipped to give legal advice. Insurance companies provide coverage to customers that helps cover expenses in the event of a malpractice claim.  In the event that you an ethical complaint is lodged against you, you receive a subpoena or are contemplating a self-reported ethical violation to the board, you need the right New Jersey law firm to guide you through the process.  

Having legal counsel from a New Jersey law firm helps people prepare to deal with ethical complaints, subpoenas and other issues involving your license.  Often, your professional malpractice/liability policy will provide benefits for the legal costs involved.  They can advise on what is appropriate to say, help you balance career demands with subpoenas, deposition requests, and ethical complaints.  Effective legal counsel knows how to deal with the administrative burdens of legal work efficiently. They know how to communicate with your licensing board to best protect a professional’s license and ability to work. Lawyers work with clients to prepare written responses to the board, prepare for testimony, respond to subpoenas and provide other legal advice.

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