Do you or someone you care about have a DWI/DUI, traffic, drug, other municipal court ticket or criminal matter in New Jersey? Do you want a law firm where the lawyers will deal with you directly, return your calls in a timely manner and give you straight answers to your questions in plain English? Where the attorneys not only know the law, but also know how to treat you with the care and respect you deserve?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t try to practice in all areas of law. Instead, we strive for excellence in a few: DWI/DUI charges, traffic tickets, drug offenses and other municipal court and criminal matters.

The Firm was created by Attorneys David C. Barry and Laura Bowne Barry, who have decades of combined legal experience gained in the State’s largest law firms, corporate legal departments and as municipal attorney and special counsel to a New Jersey municipality. They have combined this “big firm” experience with the type of accessibility, cost-effectiveness and dedication to service found in the best small firms. The office is centrally located in East Brunswick, which is easily reached from the Turnpike, Parkway, Route 1 and Route 18, and within a few minutes drive of many of the State’s municipal and Superior Court courthouses.

Whether or not you choose to retain us, we hope you will find lots of useful information in this web site. If you would like to schedule a consultation or have a quick question we might be able to answer, please call us at (732) 238-8686 or send us an e-mail. We take pride in responding to phone calls and e-mails promptly. We offer free consultations and accept both Visa and Master Card.


What will you do for me if I retain you?

People faced with municipal court tickets sometimes wonder if they should try to represent themselves. Others are curious as to just what an experienced municipal court attorney will do for them. Here are some of the highlights of the steps we take for our clients in most municipal court actions. Read More...

What to Do If You are Pulled Over By the Police for a Traffic Offense:

You’re driving home from the party or from a casual evening at a friend’s house. You’re not drunk, but maybe you had a beer or two. You’re not speeding, but maybe you briefly went over the limit to pass a slow poke. All of a sudden, the rear view mirror is filled with the tell-tale flashing lights of a police car, right behind you. After a few seconds that last an eternity, it’s clear that he or she wants you to pull over.

What should you do and not do?


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